Wednesday 1 June 2022

What do clown teachers say and what do they do? and are they the same?

In a recent Clown Studies Course, I asked the question: What do clown teachers say and what do they do? (are they the same?) Here is a response by Fritz Alblas, which says just about all the things I (hope) I don’t say or do. 

They say that clowning will turn you into a better, more loving person, that it will make you more popular in any crowd, that you will be able to connect in deeper ways than non-clown-humans will ever be able to do, it will teach you to connect without words (very important, very incredible), it will teach you to be in and enjoy 'the present moment' much more, that you have found the key to happiness whenever you need it: just put on the nose and it will wash you clean from all dark thoughts and bad feelings, like drugs but cheaper, or hardly cheaper because you will have to depend on the teachers not to loose this secret power of the nose, because somehow you keep unlearning it without being spoon fed by them, but as long as you do, all of this is in your reach, and it's also like meditation or yoga, but better, much better. From now on everyone will find you hilarious for just showing your real self, as long as you share the real stuff it will always be funny, but don't push it. We love you when you're failing, but do do the exercise. They say that everyone can do it if only they are willing to do enough of their workshops. Also there's no real need to think or do research by yourself because the teacher has done all that for you, it's included in the price. And anyway clowns don't think, they just do and everything they do is naturally right because it comes from a childlike place of innocence. The kind of naivety with which you should also blindly trust everything they say. A clown is also obliged to reinforce the binary, or else they're being morally bad 'gender betrayers'. Also, never believe the other teachers, they got it all completely wrong. They are the teacher, they naturally don't have to be any of these things by themselves, by means of their superior status, they're just there to tell the student how to perform, act, feel, think and live.