Friday 10 April 2009

Live Clown TV


Anonymous said...

Just want to say hi, and thanks for creating this blog.

I've just discovered it and will probably take me some time to read your first posts.

I did a clown workshop some centuries ago in BCN, at El Timbal.

Later you came to Mallorca to run some sessions for La Sonrisa Médica, but I was probably already in London, with Gaulier.

Now, I've been back home in Mallorca for some 8 years.

I opened a clown school Mallorclown two years ago and have been recently appointed "responsable de formación" for Sonrisa Médica.

I am very happy I found you in this to me unknown "faceta" of yours, as a clown researcher.

Splendid. I hope I will be able to follow.

Thanks again, and kiss kiss good night for now.



Jon Davison said...

Thanks for getting in touch. I'd like to know more about what you are doing in Mallorca. We also have the Escola de Clown de Barcelona.
Look forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jon for your quick reply. We are doing what we possibly can actually, which I am sure is not much...

Have a quick look at our website
although incomplete you might get an idea...

see also which is a newly funded clown company directed by Alex Navarro... Alex comes quite often here to run intensive weekends ...

what I am trying to do though is to provide a regular constant long term training particularly for those who really think seriously about going professional.

I am still trying to find the "right" formula to do that.

I find myself in constant search to optimise the resources, the time and the money of my students.

I am also trying to generate working projects to get clowns involved in paid jobs as frequently as possible...

But this is a very small island, and the market is geographically limited.

Having said that, since the opening of the school two years ago things seem to have got an interesting impulse.

Now 66% of Sonrisa Medica new casted are either students or ex-students of the school... and the percentage will go higher in the future I guess.

I've also had a dream come true... the creation of the first female clown group in the island... Endorfines... hehe... which has proved to be a very good idea indeed... they are lovely and the audience love them.

We are also "estrechando" collaboration links with Sonrisa Medica... since I was appointed responsable de formación for their professional clowns....what we do now is to open the professional training sessions to the school students and also open the school sessions for those professional clown doctors who wish to attend... all for free, it means, no one has to pay a penny for all this.

I could tell you a lot ... but I fear to bother you...

Last thing I'd like to tell you is that last January I was invited by the East 15 in London to run a weekend workshop on clowning (can see the pics at

It was something new for them and they loved it.

Mmmmmm.... I feel that we might have lots to share and to talk about...I am extremely interested in learning deeper what you are doing with this research project, but I don't want to bother you really... I'll take my time to read your very first posts before I try to bother you with my stuff....

All in all, I am terribly happy to have found you again after so long. I can't recall the year I took that workshop at El Timbal with you... maybe 1994 or earlier... can't recall really.

Well... thanks again Jon... don't let the London weather to get you down.

Anything you want, need, you may contact me faster through and I will give you my email if so.

Take care my teacher.



Jon Davison said...

You certainly aren't bothering me, on the contrary! Have a look at my website for more information than here on the blog:
my email: